Leap Year

Leap Year

In 2016, I conducted a durational design performance called #leapyear, consisting of 366 daily videos shared publicly each day.

In January of 2016, I had the good fortune to spend 12 days in Brazil. Mostly in Rio De Janerio, but we also went to Itaipava, a small town up in the mountains, and to Sao Paolo a large city that is very similar to Los Angeles with it’s sprawl and vastness, but it’s land locked.

Bill and I stayed in an AirBNB owned by Tanya, an expert in Brazilian comparative literature. She had an amazing collection of books in her 4th floor walk up apartment in Ipanema.

Everything was alive and more detailed, There was inspiration from Clarise Lispector, a ukrainian born writer and poet, who said “I learned to tear up nothing of what I write” and Augsto De Campos, a visual poet. Even our breakfast eggs became inspiration.

In those early days I was trying to find out what should move, what shouldn’t, what my visual language was or not. Things I would watch would influence me, what I was doing in my life. And time would speed up and slow down.